Hong Kong Global Limited | About Us
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About Us

Anything’s Possible™

Hong Kong Global Limited is a privately owned leading Global Supply Chain and strategic brand development organization with headquarters strategically located in Hong Kong.

Established as a market leader in the design, development, manufacture and execution of consumer goods and services for the global market place, our unique level of client engagement ensures we deliver quality product and execution to our clients worldwide.

Operating core business units in Global Supply Chain Management, Global Brands, Integrated Logistics, Creative & Design allows our teams to fully  leverage the strengths of the entire organization and our expansive network of global business partners to meet the growing needs and high expectations of our customers.

Our innovative and collaborative teams develop, manage and connect supply chains to best support and meet the needs of our customers globally.

Welcome to Hong Kong Global, Anything’s Possible

Our Values

Our goal is to provide an inspirational, dynamic, entrepreneurial business culture that will inspire our teams to support the values and goals of our global customers, partners and shareholders. We value strong bonds and relationships with our customers and will work to build and maintain trust, prove integrity, and show results through our hard work to support our customers success. We value our community and support endeavors to give back and maintain social and environmental balance.

Our excitement for challenge, our tendency to dream bigger, our ability to embrace our points of difference from our competitors is our motivation to strive to be the best we can be which grows stronger with each satisfied customer.

We are committed to change and continuing to strive for excellence for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.